Today it is difficult to deny that the world is changing dynamically, and tomorrow will never be the same as yesterday.

The consequences of measures taken by managers in different countries have shifted the paradigm to a new level, and this has affected all spheres of human activity.

Until recently, only a few dared to switch to distance learning for their children, but the changes in the field of education, associated with "restrictive measures" - brought both parents and teachers to a clear realization - throwing off the task in messengers, with the child's further viewing of materials on the YouTube channel , submission of completed work via social media is not a process that can be called "educational". The result of this "study" was the lag of children from the school curriculum, together with the need to re-explain the materials by the parents, since the child understood little with this format of the teacher's work.

This prompted us to create a unified student-teacher interaction tool, in which:

  • the child sees the online class schedule
  • The child is present at the virtual lesson, seeing his classmates, teacher and his presentation
  • In the absence of the opportunity to attend a certain lesson, at any time to view it in the recording
  • Has the ability to chat in the classroom
  • Receives homework and sends their result to the teacher
  • Can watch attached videos or any other file types uploaded to the platform by the teacher

At the same time, the school management receives a detailed report on teachers, the total time of their online classes, if necessary, control can view the records of teachers' classes.

The same statistics are available to the school management and for students - the time of their attendance at classes, absenteeism, and academic performance.

We are constantly improving the platform, taking into account all the wishes of educational organizations, allowing you to "sharpen" processes for their specific requirements.