Important! Our platform uses modern technologies such as HTML5 and WebRTC, which require keeping browsers up to date. In this regard, we strongly recommend downloading and installing the Google Chrome browser for mobile devices, as well as for computers and laptops. If you are already using the Google Chrome browser, our system will tell you if the browser version is outdated and you need to update it.

So, let's begin:

There are two main concepts on the portal: “Coach” and “Pupil”.

Usually, a trainer's page consists of a surname and then the name of our domain, for example:""

To register on the portal, it is recommended to go to the coach’s page and click on the big button"“Register and Subscribe”".

Регистрация на странице тренера

You can also register from any other page of the site, for example, from the main page, by clicking the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the site- in this case, you will simply register on the portal, without subscribing to trainer:

Регистрация без подписки на тренера