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    Online conferences
    Video courses
  • Systematic approach
    to the learning process
    Built-in crm system
    Learning content storage
    Awesome conference system
    Available on any device
    iMac Responsive
    iPad Responsive
    iPhone Responsive

Online Conferences

Interactive seminars with the ability to display screens, presentations, documents, and play video files.

Cloud Storage

Placement of video and audio content, documents, images,and other files with different access restrictions.

CRM System

Online CRM system allows you to keep a history of activities, reminds you of upcoming events, organizes the learning process.


Available on any device

You can start work at any time without installation - in the Google Chrome web browser.

While at work or at home - experience the convenience of working with a computer or laptop. Outside home and travel- do not tear yourself away from interactive learning, self-development or a healthy lifestyle with us, using mobile devices- tablets and smartphones!

Various Experts

Ready to help in solving almost any
your tasks- remotely!

Татьяна Молочная

Molochnaya Tatiana

Group online physical trainings.

Александр Сипченко


Online legal services

Светлана Козырева

Kozyireva Svetlana

Your personal psychologist

Online interaction


Online meetings

Free of charge, you can quickly and easily organize an online seminar, training, presentation - screenshots, PowerPoint documents, Word, drawing in an interactive window, group and private chat are available.

Индивидуальные консультации

Individual consultations

With the help of the built-in CRM system, online registration for the coach's free time is available to users. The history of consultations with subscribers is available to the trainer at any time.

Интерактивные сервисы

Interactive services

Additional tools for interaction are available: organizing access to recordings of seminars and video material by access levels, selling video seminars and master classes; creation of groups according to the interests of the target audience.

Portal services are free for everyone!

You can organize online seminars, trainings, upload videos useful for your audience - free of charge, or assign their commercial value.